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Static upstreams are used to route request to services listening at fixed IP/Addresses. Static upstreams can be used to proxy any kind of service, and therefore contain a ServiceSpec for additional service-specific configuration. Unlike upstreams created by service discovery, Static Upstreams must be created manually by users

"hosts": []
"useTls": bool
"useHttp2": bool
Field Type Description Default
hosts [] A list of addresses and ports at least one must be specified
useTls bool Attempt to use outbound TLS Gloo will automatically set this to true for port 443
serviceSpec An optional Service Spec describing the service listening at this address
useHttp2 bool Use http2 when communicating with this upstream


Represents a single instance of an upstream

"addr": string
"port": int
Field Type Description Default
addr string Address (hostname or IP)
port int Port the instance is listening on