Quick start

Install Gloo Shot command line


If you use Homebrew, you can install glooshot with the following command

brew install solo-io/tap/glooshot


  • Download the latest release of Gloo Shot
  • Rename to glooshot, and copy it to your path as an executable
  • Configure kubectl to point to the cluster you want Gloo Shot to operate against, i.e., glooshot uses KUBECONFIG setting to connect to Kubernetes cluster.

Install and initialize Gloo Shot to Kubernetes

  1. To register the Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) used by Gloo Shot, run glooshot register.
    • This will register the and CRDs
  2. To deploy the Gloo Shot resources, run glooshot init.
    • This will create and populate the glooshot namespace.
glooshot register
glooshot init